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Marleau Bros Insurance serving the area since 1944


The Insurance Products of Marleau Bros Limited in Cornwall

What is insurance exactly? You can’t feel it, taste it, or smell it, and although you pay money to have it, you don’t always get something in return. But, that’s the genius of insurance; it covers all those unplanned events along the path of life. At Marleau Bros Limited, even though we sell insurance, life assurance is what we give in return. So, live life to the fullest each and every day, because Marleau Bros is only a call a way.

As your independent, local insurance broker, Marleau Bros Limited offers insurance products for home, automobiles, and commercial businesses, including coverage for:

  • Casualty
  • Cottages
  • Farms
  • Fire
  • Motorcycles
  • Property
  • Travel
  • Watercraft


Insurers and Underwriters

With over 14 quality insurance providers and underwriters to choose from, Marleau Bros can find a policy that fits your lifestyle and budget. Marleau Bros Limited has selected a set of insurance companies known for their dependable coverage and competitive rates. These companies include:


Specialty Market Insurance Providers

In ensuring you’re covered at each step of life, we also offer specialty market insurance products from our list of quality coverage providers, including:

Need help with a Claim?

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